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Firefox by takyoji Firefox by takyoji
Just a colored drawing for an art project that involved color blending. I chose to do the Firefox logo. This is only half of the project. It probably took about 10 hours to do it completely. I'm too much of a perfectionist. Even though it still lacks some quality since I don't entirely enjoy that much grain. xP

For people who have Internet Explorer, I suggest that you use Firefox. If not Firefox, you also have the option of Opera and Safari which are also very good browsers as well. If you have Internet Explorer 6, then PLEASE, at LEAST upgrade to Internet Explorer 7. Save the developers!

[Unpatched vulnerabilities]
Internet Explorer 7: 8 unpatched
Firefox 2: 4 unpatched

Another difference is that Internet Explorer also executes VBScript and ActiveX objects which are usually the main reason why Internet Explorer usually has a lot of vulnerabilities. Such as downloading a virus by merely visiting a page and not clicking anything at all.

[Rendering bugs]
Internet Explorer 7: 18 bugs (this is why I get stressed about web design in the aspects of Internet Explorer, it takes forever to workaround the bugs in it)
Firefox 2: 2 bugs

As for the image, anyone is free to use it in any way they want. They don't even have to give me credit since it isn't really much anyway. Just simply don't claim it as your own.
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lazywolf Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2009
I vaguely recall possibly seeing this before... Anyway, looks great! DOWN WITH IE!
:iconfirefoxplz: :iconfirefoxplz: :iconfirefoxplz: :iconfirefoxplz: :iconfirefoxplz: :iconfirefoxplz: :iconfirefoxplz: :iconfirefoxplz:
SabreWolfQueen Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2008
looks really good tak, I can't see anything off about the pic :]
uberushaximus Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2008
Looks very finely done, I know how perfectionism goes, it almost drove me from drawing anything, or writing for the longest time.
As far as the bugs go, if you use firefox 3 with Noscript, the security bugs, AND the rendering bugs are nonexistant, given you get a few nasty freezes once in a while with beta 5, the nightly build typically doesn't kick and scream.
tikurion Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2008
I agree, it's really great! Did you use the vector as a reference especially for the gradients, or did you more or less do it from the top of your head?
takyoji Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2008
Yea, I used the SVG file that's available on Wikipedia. I was actually limited to a black-and-white printer at school, so I was using greyscale reference to draw and color the whole thing. Basically I won't take much credit on the drawing aspect since it was grid transfered, since that makes it easier.

One of the reasons I love Firefox is the modularity. These are all the extensions I have active (mostly for web design): Adblock Plus, All-in-one sidebar, ColorZilla, CustomizeGoogle, DownloadHelper, Firebug, Google Site Indexer, HackBar, HTML Validator, Live HTTP Headers, Live PageRank, MinimizeToTray, Modify Headers, No-Referer, PicLens, Sage, ScrapBook, SEO for Firefox, SEOHAND, Server Spy, StumbleUpon toolbar, Tab Scope, Web developer toolbar.

The ones I mainly recommend are Adblock Plus (for removing Flash ads), All-in-one sidebar, PicLens (for special image/video viewing), and the StumbleUpon toolbar if you have ever gotten into StumbleUpon at all.
BlackWolfDS Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2008
It looks freakin awesome. You did a wonderful job on the color blends. Like..amazing o-o
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April 27, 2008
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